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Veil of Aberros

Veil of Aberros

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Site Name(s): The Veil of Aberros
Locale: Aberros, Huran Sea
Current Occupant: Unknown

When the crisp winds of the bustling twilight blast through each township, but finally come to a calm..

After the settling down of clanging silverware against the hollering of dinnertime politics, children met with the fatigue of a day’s adventure find a warm cot..

As the spear jutting from the guardspost, a minute ago beaming tall, sidles lower at snail’s pace against the door’s frame, the cities of man begin to find rest..

Yet the eyes of the curious and sleepless stay fixed on the dim light sitting atop the darkening horizon - a buzzing orb whipping with chromatic aether fields on the ocean’s stage.

The dome, standing tall watch over an island many miles past the Pontyd Bay, is a magical veil repelling all that approach. The extreme few known to have set off to explore the site have been all but forgotten, lost immediately to the oppressive magic of the veil.

No scholar, cleric, or conspiracist has the wits to speculate as to the purpose or contents of the mysterious field. That said, the island of Aberros, occasionally referred to as the Curselands, is rumored to contain an evil so malignant, it yearns to rip out and consume the soul of any being to trespass.

At night, those looking to the southern seas are right to ponder and even fear this anomaly, for its existence on Falas Ordina is highly enigmatic.

Theme: soft pink, baby blue, clear, pastel shimmer, rainbow colorshift

Ink: rose pearl

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