Hail, traveler.

I offer shining faceted curios imbued with shards of lore 

drawn from my homebrew dark fantasy module, Sword of Souls. 

All dice are 100% handmade & finished by me!

US orders ship free. 🧡

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Signature Dice Sets

Signature dice sets are oversized and feature nine polyhedral shapes.

Signature Singles

Signature dice including D20s and other singles.



Hello, my name is Omar!
 I've been curious about fantasy art, worldbuilding, gaming, and tabletop RPGs since I was a little kid. I'm also fascinated with gemology, woodcarving, and glass art - so jumping into dicemaking has been an exciting and rewarding process.
I've also been pouring hundreds of hours into writing, illustrating, and editing a dark fantasy campaign module for D&D 5E called Sword of Souls, which launches May 7th on Kickstarter!
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Nothing is more important to me than making sure your order arrives safely.
Please bear with me and our wonderful postal service!
US orders ship at a standard rate of $5 USD.
International shipping rates apply!
I believe that an expectation of minor flaws in any handmade product is reasonable! My dice will not be 100% flawless. That said, I am firm in my guarantee of care, effort, and high quality standards.
Please reach out to me if you have any concerns.
Updates and restock notifications will typically be sent out through the shop newsletter but keep an eye on my Instagram page! 
I usually cast less than 5 of each design. I make sure to do so
in one sitting, using precise methodology, and fair distribution of materials.

In the case of high order volume, please allow me up to 2 weeks to process, polish, and ink your order. 

Thank you for your understanding!