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Set of two 16mm signature six-sided dice (2d6).

Old Aruteel, the first dominion of man established, was host to an incredible period of technological and economic development. The kingdom's rule and bounty served the likes of thousands of half-elves, commoners and nobles together. As is with most Aruteeli dogma and orthodoxy, governance and war were conducted in threes. A single triarchy composed of aspects representing the half-elves' greatest virtues - might, wisdom, and compassion - ruled the entirety of the kingdom's history. Timia Brightwood was crowned last of the three, yet literature speaks of her as the sole spirit and heart of Aruteel. She was loved dearly by her people, and was even met with friendliness by leaders of fey tribes painfully uprooted by her empire. On her grave, a brimming cauldron of irony yet overflows about the demise of Aruteel, had it only embraced stronger the force and strength of love.

Half-Elf • Rogue • Star Fencer

Ink: Royal Gold

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Care Instructions

Sharp edged dice can be dangerous - please handle with care.

Rolling onto a felted/soft surface is recommended to prevent scratching and chipping.

Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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