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Thoughtlock Coil - Single D20

Thoughtlock Coil - Single D20

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Site Name(s): Thoughtlock Coil, Gauntlet of Eyg’r
Locale: Manabrand Bluffs
Current Occupant: The Lodge of Eyg’r

A vast leyline of mana emissions flow steadily from an arc of well-studied but untouched ordinite deposits deep under the mountain range in eastern Falas Ordina.

The sheets of ordinite, unlike the vast majority of specimens remaining, appear to have dwindled less in power over the ages, signaling evidence of a type of intervention, either divine or of careful, deliberate knowledge.

Either explanation entirely plausible, the magus-guild of the Lodge of Eyg’r remains sealed in the enchanted citadel atop a floating isle. Though a subject of wild speculation, the keep is not visible from the coastline areas hugging each end of the Manabrand Bluffs.

There they study eternally the nuances and intricacies of history’s greatest spellwrights, and forging everyday toward novel spellcraft. A band of hermits, the Lodge of Eyg’r keeps many secrets - mostly in protection of the mortal world.

The detailed instruction and techniques of virtually every school of magic lie between the aether-buzzing pages of codices that make up the Lodge’s grand library. A deeply-hidden cache there also guards a trove of precious and powerful artifacts of limitless utility.

The Lodge and its countless layers of security - veils, doors, & constructs, all surging with mana - lie beyond the aforementioned mountain network. The cavern entrance and passageway leads to a puzzling hollow, a labyrinth of cursed design cruelly dubbed the Thoughtlock Coil.

Its walls, delves, and pits of infinity, yet ringing with the howls of falling men, rearrange themselves constantly, making it almost impossible to traverse.

Additionally, a slew of mana-enriched fauna dwell within, perfectly adapted to the madness, and equipped to take full advantage of one’s confusion.

No adventurer is known to have made it through - at least not through and back.

Ink: pale metallic teal

Theme: light clouds, black, holographic flake, azure flash, peach-teal shift

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