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Spire of Aesma - Single D20

Spire of Aesma - Single D20

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Site Name(s): Spire of Aesma, Tower to the Heavens
Locale: Bastian Plateau
Current Occupant: Aesma, her Aspects

In the earliest records of prehistory, there were an ancient people, shale-skinned winged giants known to inhabit the land’s scattered groups of mountain summits, called the Gyr.

According to recovered stone tablature, they were a sun-worshipping civilization and, naturally, built great monuments to its essence and divine ruler, Dragon Queen Aesma.

One such tribute - one of few still standing - is the elaborately-hewn stone pillar proudly sat behind the City of Bast: a segmented, windowed tower with five tall floors, each shaped of enduring, carved slabs of crimson and bright tan rock.

The spire, named the tower to the heavens, is a path to Aesma’s holy kingdom of sunlight, Cloudrun. Only the most masterful of adventurers have gained passage there, risking life to best the aspects’ five bewitching trials.

Ink: bronze

Theme: crimson, orange, white swirl, opal mylar, green shift

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