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The Sable Mausoleum

The Sable Mausoleum

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Site Name(s): The Sable Mausoleum, Tomb of Din
Locale: The Ivory Dunes
Current Occupant: Magelord Din Irfan, his Imperators

There, in the expansive desert of dark monoliths, toward the southern end of the vast dunes of ivory, a mausoleum sits as an ominous stone box.

The exterior, carved of polished blackrock, showcases two large ornate but sealed doors that assumedly lead to a burial vault. Modern scholarship holds no account of the site’s construction or inner design.

The crypt hides away a grave so foul, of an aether so tinged with decay and undeath, only the most foolish of dullards would accidentally stray near.

Though, hark, it’s but the crowned king of dolts that would dare set off to find the wretched soul that damned tomb holds.

Few remember the Oblivion. And those that do dare not speak his name.
Theme: black, dark blue, white smoke, dual shimmer, rainbow colorshift
Ink: gunmetal

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