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Runir, Scion of the Black Council

Runir, Scion of the Black Council

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The dwarves of Moroth Tul were not always isolated to their black, iron bastion betwixt the molten crusts of Falas Ordina. Myths tell of an ancient race of winged giants - now extinct - called the Gyr. Fables regarding dwarven origin posit that the land-dwelling dwarves of farming heritage, the Borothil'i, were said to have sprung from the bones and hair of the giants, while their fiery, iron-skinned counterpart - the Morothil'i - were born of the Gyr's roiling hot blood, as it spilled unto and deep below the land. Ancient tablature hints, however, to a period that failed to distinguish between the two, but such texts were soon forgotten to time. And stubborn tradition. As it sits now, sidled between the shoulders of gargantuan elementals and vast lakes of bubbling lava, Moroth Tul is the capitol of the ashen iron dwarves and their industrious mining network. Ruling from the blackened citadel hunched over the town is a council of twelve clerics. While not much is known about the ministry, its founding leader, Runir Toggrath, is known well to the world of demonology.

Dwarf • Warlock • Pact of the Inferno • Cleric • Blackhood

Ink: Bronze

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