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Relic of Temptation - Single D20

Relic of Temptation - Single D20

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The Rod of Reverie

Type:  Weapon, Focus, Scepter

Ability:  Just Once

Current Owner:  Countess Dasha

At the peak of the mass spellplague across Falas Ordina, Din spent weeks, months, using the brutish coercion of his infernal undead legion to kidnap, squelch, and - eventually - terribly sacrifice the world’s heroes and leaders in a ritual of unfettered evil. One such leader was Miria Veil, a magical bardic dancer renowned to every tavern hall. She was said to be so strikingly beautiful, exuding such a sultry, provocative aura, a single concert was sure to double the town’s population. Miria’s dazzling eyes reflect in the chatoyant pink soulstone proudly sat at the scepter’s top, her demise and jubilant heart sealed as one, whirling eternally in dance. The current bearer of the Rod of Reverie is nothing short of her spirited reincarnation.

Theme:  magenta, black smoke, rainbow shimmer, holo flakes

Ink:  18K gold

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