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Relic of Sun - Single D20

Relic of Sun - Single D20

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The Hand of Aesma

Type:  Weapon, Greathammer

Ability:  Call Aesmid

Current Owner:  Einra the Crag

Each year a grand tournament of martial combat is held on the floor-stage of Bast's massive coliseum. Hundreds of candidates take to the arena, jeered by the thousands of roaring Bastians, all to be whittled down to one champion. While the tournament spoils promise to enrich any potent warrior, the most sought-after item, regularly poised as an unofficial grand prize, is the Hand of Aesma. Unfortunately, for any that seek this immensely potent hammer, there is little hope - no one has bested Einra, dwarven myrmidon and captain of the White Hydra, in the dozens of tournaments she's dominated. 

Theme:  golden-amber, gold blue metallic sheen, yellow-pink shimmer

Ink:  18K gold

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