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Relic of Spirit

Relic of Spirit

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Type:  Armor, Whispersilk Robes

Ability:  Transcendent Strike

Current Owner:  Saria Em'kedu

Monks of Falas Ordina regularly pay pilgrimage to the several elemental sanctums spread across the continent. When one reaches spiritual awakening, they are visited in sleep by a mysterious cabal of ascetics. This visit is oft the spark that sends the unlearned but capable adepts to each corner of the world, acquiring lessons of discipline, selflessness, and martial potency. It is said that when one has visited each and all of the temples, they are intercepted to be given a choice to visit the sanctum of spirit, where, if they accept, they will meet the Elder. The Elder, a mature woman named Saria, wears the Heartwrap proudly, a testament to her liberated soul and all-encompassing love. Accepting this invitation almost guarantees a soul at peace and a spirit enriched, at the cost of dedicating the rest of one's life to eternal monasticism. 

Theme:  pink, clear, green-teal shimmer, aqua-gold-pink flash

Ink:  copper

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Care Instructions

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