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Relic of Moon

Relic of Moon

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The Arc of Deliria

Type:  Headwear, Diadem

Ability:  Call Dreamblade

Current Owner:  Farris the Broken

In the modern era, scribes have been able to recover and translate some of the Varian religion’s oldest tablets from several ruined temples, excavated recently. Myths and allegory depict Varia - soul of the moon, goddess of dreams - and her twin children, Somnor and Deliria, in a mysterious and unusual tradition. An infamous and widely-shamed incestuous relationship was known of Varia’s demigod offspring - the story ends with their mother’s fury: the lovers’ eternal curse to dizzying, nightmarish lunacy. Bearers of the Varian curse and wearers of Deliria’s arc alike will surely be consumed with madness, in time. The glowing-white circlet, decorated with exquisite gemcraft, twinkling with cosmic elegance, was found perfectly undamaged in the rubble of Varia’s last standing temple in the northwest. No record can account for its creation, nor the precious life swirling within its pearlescent ivory soulstone.

Theme: chromatic crescent moon inclusion, violet flash, jewel tone flake, black 

Ink: 18K gold

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