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Relic of Mana - Twin Set

Relic of Mana - Twin Set

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Manuscript of Old Aether

Type:  Focus, Tome

Ability:  Truebolt

Current Owner:  None, Bi-Ri-At

In the Lodge of Eyg'r, sealed beyond several fortified enchantments and many physical barriers is a cache of incredibly rare and sought-after artifacts, many of which are capable of great harm. Deeper beyond, through many additional safeguards, there lies an entire chambered coffer dedicated to a single item. The relic, a massive arcane tome, lays open atop a lucid, shining altar which feeds into a network of crystalline leylines that appear to bound far outward, in every direction of the lodge. Its pages constantly flutter, flipping to and from various sections in an otherwise unreadable text - the entire manuscript is written in a language unknown to any scholar, failing every test to determine the words' etymological roots. Set in the ornate, filigreed book cover is an ordinite soulstone engorged with aether from worlds past, its mere aroma harking back to a time of great crudeness in spellcraft.

Theme:  clear, gold flake, blue flash, prismatic flake, teal-purple shimmer

Ink:  18K gold

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