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Relic of Light - Single D20

Relic of Light - Single D20

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Brightwood Sprig

Type:  Focus, Yew Wand

Ability:  Mote of Ir-Las

Current Owner:  Hashem of the Light

Sat atop the whiterock plateau just outside the realm of Bast is a modest but intricately designed temple in tribute of Ir-Las, the light. Beyond its dozens of broad stone steps and towering columns, the sanctum rings soothingly with chanting prayer and the resonance of light-sound instrumentation, a bardic artform. Across the continent, each year, a single follower of Ir-Las begins a pilgrimage toward the temple at Bast. When the pilgrim arrives, however, they are routinely joined by dozens if not hundreds more seeking salvation, blessings, or even just a semblance of meaning to their life. The annual voyage, lasting nearly a month and spanning the breadth of the continent's major towns and villages, is done with the express goal of elevating those in need. This is believed to reinforce the belief that acts of kindness, charity, and selflessness do much to bolster the flowing canopy of light over Falas Ordina. A certain high cleric at the Temple of Ir-las will gladly demonstrate this effect.

Theme:  yellow-clear, gold flake, gold-red shimmer, prismatic flake

Ink:  18K gold

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