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Relic of Flora - Single D20

Relic of Flora - Single D20

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Verdant Heart

Type:  Weapon, Focus, Grandarbor Greatstaff

Ability:  Enshrub 

Current Owner:  High Aegis Drinbur

Long ago, the world's fey leaders often congregated at the site of a notably giant oak tree, the grandarbor, believing it to be a finger of the treant god Omu'tuok's sprawling sylvan domain; the tree stood at least a hundred meters tall, easily observed by outriders at the forest thresholds. Sessions of prayer, ritual, and political forum were conducted at the base of his root network for most of Falas Ordina's history, until a churlish band of rogues carelessly set fire to it, creating within moments a spectacular show of hellish ruination for the continent to witness. Now, hundreds of years later, an order and fortress exists at the base of the holy tree's remains. The order, saturated with kind and altruistic spirits, serves to protect and honor Omu'tuok's bounty, striving to eradicate destructive forces, those who threaten nature's sanctity. Swearers of this pledge and those it swears to encompass are inextricably connected to the power of the Verdant Heart, its body carved of a splinter of the old grandarbor.

Theme:  green purple and tawny floral inclusions, pink, green interference powder, rainbow shimmer, violet flash

Ink:  purple-pink

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Care Instructions

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Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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