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Relic of Flame - Single D20

Relic of Flame - Single D20

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The Cinder Loop

Type:  Accessory, Iron Ring

Ability:  Prince's Protest

Current Owner:  None, Ru'un

Bored deep into the steaming blackrock under the dwarf capitol of Moroth Tul is a dilapidated keep built as a sanctum to some of Ru’un’s last disciples. Firescapes breaching gargantuan pools of ancient molten earth lick the narrow pathway emptying from an old altar room to a large ritual vestibule, past dozens of infernal trap-laden chambers. If one can best the labyrinth, then there, in the dancing veil of a grand magical flame, sat at the center of a burnt golden brazier, the ring wails. In it burns the anguish of countless souls taken by the fires of hatred, shepherded by the whispers of a fallen prince, whose throne, a pitiful kingdom in the world of deities, smolders indefinitely in the arrogance of man. Powers and tales of untold destructive essence await the next bearer of his charred black band.

Theme: amber-orange, black smoke, gold flake, green-yellow flake, red-gold shift

Ink:  18K gold

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