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Relic of Earth - Twin Set

Relic of Earth - Twin Set

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Gyr Axis

Type:  Accessories, Stone Girdle

Ability:  Tama’s Heavenly Suplex

Current Owner:  Yamza Rin-Do

Sidled between the bedrock and the golden fields of the massive western plains is a clan of steely dwarves, mostly descendants of the subterranean Oxgrip family. One would expect tight, close quarters resembling of an insect colony - the dwarves, said to boast a magical bloodline related to the ancient Gyr, live in geological magnificence. Grand winding caverns, perplexing bridgework, hardened institutions carved of deep brown rock, and a mastery of geomancy make for an opulent, though lonely, life within the earthen crust. Centered in their keep is an honorable hall, dotted with aspiring faces, established to steer curious, capable individuals in the way of dwarven grappling traditions. Yamza, their eccentric leader, can be found, spewing deafening belly laughs, inspiring his disciples. The belt of Tama, a series of rune-emblazoned shaped stones hung on a mythril cord, sits comfortably at the edge of his bursting gut.

Theme:  umber-ochre, rainbow sheen, purple flash

Ink:  bronze

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Care Instructions

Sharp edged dice can be dangerous - please handle with care.

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Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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