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Relic of Darkness

Relic of Darkness

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Egg of the Abyss

Type:  Focus, Crystal Ball

Ability:  Darkform

Current Owner:  Morin the Old

The Umbravale, a gloomy clone realm sustained by shadow-goddess Ir-Fal, is composed entirely of living shade, a sentient material forged purely of dark aether. Her domain is host to demons who have resided there so long, their bodies have been compromised, replete with shadowy appendages and black miasma. Outside of this realm, such a foul and grim substance cannot be sustained, largely due to the brilliance of Ir-Las' canopy of light. One exception, however, can be traced to the inner contents of the egg. Its round glass body, formed by hundreds of light-squashing, shadow-bending facets is host to a small but persistent instance of Ir-Fal's darkness. As such, it contains power and deceptive potential beyond mortal recognition.

Theme:  black smoke, clear, purple metallic sheen, teal-purple flake, green shimmer

Ink:  silver

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