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Relic of Cold - Single D20

Relic of Cold - Single D20

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Eye of Valtena

Type:  Focus, Whiteroot Staff

Ability:  Benumb

Current Owner:  Queen Hera Frostmaw

High above the city square of Valtena, in the ivory towers of its colossal citadel is a highly-secretive guild of cryomancers given strict order to reside within the upper-most chambers and never leave. On an incredibly rare occasion, their two-pointed caps and swirling crystal staves can be faintly spotted behind Prince Findil when addressing subjects from his royal awning. While their cause is not known clearly to the public, the mages take direct order from a face very rarely seen, their frost queen Hera. In times of extreme duress or reorganization, however, she can be seen stomping around the floor keep's halls, her servants and apprentices scurrying in tow. Only at a time like this could one briefly witness the majesty and sheer sorcerous potential buzzing about the tall, piercingly white staff, whose gnarling fibers twist around and cradle a brilliant azure soulstone. 

Theme: teal-blue, aqua shimmer, white pluming, blue flash

Ink: bronze

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Care Instructions

Sharp edged dice can be dangerous - please handle with care.

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Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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