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Relic of Chaos - Single D20

Relic of Chaos - Single D20

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The Y'g'dali Maw

Type:  Weapon, Fist Weapon

Ability:  Death's Dew

Current Owner:  Unknown

Of all the prized oridinite relics, it’s only fitting that the maw of chaos serpent-god, Y’g’dal, has shifted hands dozens of times. Thick, bronze scales line the snake-fang head crowned above and plated against the buzzing handgrip. It’s said to possess a nasty will of its own, thirsting to its wearer’s peril for the thrill of pandemonium. Countless assassinations have been confidently commissioned under the authority of the weapon. To this day, the whereabouts of not a single past holder of this cursed gauntlet can be traced. The soulstone - distinctly split between two fizzing jade adder eyes - carries a unique ability to generate an ichor so vile, it’s forbidden to use even to the most treacherous killer.

Theme: mint green, black plumes, rainbow iridescent flake, yellow-red-green shimmer

Ink: bronze

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