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Relic of Blood - Single D20

Relic of Blood - Single D20

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Redrune Crest

Type:  Weapon, Sanguine Oak Shield

Ability:  Call of Ea’Sangur

Current Owner:  Azoth Dem

The legacy of the Crest harks back to the oldest patriarchs of the Redrune satyr clan. A prototypical version of the shield existed prior to its rebirth. Clan elders and leaders, proficient bloodmages, carved the aegis of sanguine oak and blessed it with hearty enchantments, but purely as a ritual item. Its face was sculpted to fit the image of a fanged, wailing satyr berserker. For a period during the unleashing of the wall of decay, the original crest was entirely lost to time. It wasn't but several decades later that its likeness appeared, but now embedded with a blood-red soulstone between its piercing eyes, which now constantly drip a red, thick ichor. Very little is known about the precious life used to create the stone, but the answer very well may reside with its current owner, bloodhunter chieftain Azoth Dem.

Theme:  dark red, yellow-red shift, magenta-gold flake, golden shimmer

Ink:  copper

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