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Set of two 16mm signature six-sided dice (2d6).

Little is known of the early life of one of history's most impactful souls, Morin Melaru'in. Shortly after the brokering of the Pact of the Fey Legion, he was sighted having left the western thresholds of the Helune, leading two or three dozen half-elves - and perhaps hundreds of wild animals - on a march toward Bast. But none there would shepherd his band of followers. He would not be seen until nearly 50 years later - seeming to have avoided aging a single day - when he led a stealthy raid on the Redrune clan, executing their leaders in the bloody moonlight. The Order of the Celadon Rite, pledged to protecting forestkin, responded immediately in asking Valanthe, exalted drow assassin, to organize a retaliatory campaign. While most half-elves were slaughtered and driven from the lands, Morin was not found.

Half-Elf • Ranger • Enchanter

Ink: 18K Gold

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Care Instructions

Sharp edged dice can be dangerous - please handle with care.

Rolling onto a felted/soft surface is recommended to prevent scratching and chipping.

Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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