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Mez'zar Redrune, the Bloodfather

Mez'zar Redrune, the Bloodfather

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Scattered across vine-riddled burrows deep within the Helunian Woods is a robust network of satyr and faun clans. Most satyr families, if not all, looked to the leadership and spiritual guidance of Mez’zar in times of duress or personal strife. His loving blessings and embrace were said to rejuvenate even the most corrupted, those farthest drawn from their rich tradition. He spent his life raising a close circle of talented satyr and feyfolk chosen to learn and practice what he called “Ea’Sangur,” the ‘Red Song.’ Only these souls knew the spiritual toil, compassion, and asceticism required to practice blood magic without incurring the wrath of Demu’tuok. Mez’zar’s legacy was further marked in the brokerage of a pact that united the fey tribes, elves, and half-elves throughout Falas Ordina. His assassination, swiftly brought by renegade half-elf mutineer, Morin, sparked a terrible war, shattering the pact. Mez’zar’s memory stirs today, teeming about the sweet calling of the Red Song.

Satyr • Sorcerer • Bloodcaller

Ink: 18K Gold

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