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Exalted Aruteel

Exalted Aruteel

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Fully handcrafted nine piece dice set.

Long ago, erected high atop what is now the Plateau of Bast, a half-elven kingdom named Aruteel ruled over the world of man, pushing deep into the realm of the fey.

The throne was helmed by noble triarchs venerated by history: an elven warlord named Heinrek Gildarin, a human cleric named Byril Page, and a brilliant diplomat, Timia Brightwood, half-elf.

Wizardly scholars of Aruteel devised a method of infusing aether-enriched alloys with intricate spell commands, leading to the invention of wondrous magitechnology.

Most of these artifacts - brass servos, beams, and pilot frames - now lay in ruin, buried in scattered pieces near the Free City of Bast.

Though the kingdom's fall is believed to be a necessary evolution of the teetering bond between man and fey, there remain Aruteeli sites both sacred and good - everlasting testament to the glory of the triarchs.


Theme: bronze-gold waves of glitter, teal-green, red-orange-green colorshift, rainbow holo shards

Ink: Classic Gold

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Care Instructions

Sharp edged dice can be dangerous - please handle with care.

Rolling onto a felted/soft surface is recommended to prevent scratching and chipping.

Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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