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Everglen Shrine

Everglen Shrine

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Site Name(s): Everglen Shrine, Finger of Omu'tuok 
Locale: Helunian Woods
Current Occupant: Order of the Celadon Rite

It is said that, hundreds of years ago, the grandarbor tree that stood tall above the Helune was burned down by a band of rogue fiends.
Devastating the fey world at large, the site was expeditiously defended, but alas the great tree could not live. 
Ages later, the massive hollowed trunk sits as the base of the Everglen, a sacred compound centered on the restoration of the natural world. And in great fortune, a sprout, bursting with new green life, now blooms from a crack in the remains of the old tree.
A small but sturdy stonewalled shrine was built to encase the sapling, and it is there that Omu'tuok's domain breathes fresh air, strewn with dancing leaves of amber, red, and green.
Theme: green, teal-gold-green shimmer, copper flake, 
Ink: copper


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