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Dreamsbarrow - Twin Set

Dreamsbarrow - Twin Set

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Contains UV-reactive pigment - they will glow in the dark! 


Site Name(s): Dreamsbarrow, the Death of Dreams
Locale: the Varian Dream, the Moonlight Plane
Current Occupant: Varia, her Moonstruck

A place unseen firsthand by most, the dreamsbarrow exists as a subject of scholarship in the most narrow and niche of study hall dialogues.

Nonetheless, those who dabble in the Varian texts likely are friend or family to one who holds the most intimate knowledge of Varia’s domain, those forced to reckon with her curse.

In tandem with the ebbing lunar cycle, the Moonstruck are summoned, in their dreams, to the feet of an avatar of Varia, goddess of the moon. Described as a glowing ivory statue of a horned woman with a face of unfettered anguish and hopelessness, the avatar rests under the oculus of a luminescent pagoda.

The whole structure placidly hovers above a raging, swirling maelstrom of dreamborn debris - forgotten memories, lost sentiments, broken ambitions, and dead fates. The barrow persists as long as the perishing dreams can be siphoned from the dead and the weak.

When her cursed are brought to her, Varia is said to re-inoculate the hexed with her malediction, guaranteeing an enigmatic, unending source of metamorphosing lunar power, but also ensuring a lifetime of ever-growing madness and blame.

Varia’s chosen are bound indefinitely to her realm of moonlight, waltzing miserably in the ruins of dreams while rampaging with beastly mania and tragically vilified in the waking plane of mortals.

Ink: silver

Theme: bubblegum pink, azure flash, blue-teal colorshift, holographic flake

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