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Fully handcrafted nine piece dice set.

Rumored to be helmed at the core of a clandestine den carved below Bast, the Primasola Sisterhood commands a bardic society of immeasurable intrigue.

There, troupes of elite perfumers, entrancing dancers, and assassin femme-fatales take the lead of an elusive woman riddled with celebrity: Countess Dasha, a dancing dhampir oft called a prophet of Yvnera, goddess of pleasure and temptation.

She is known to wield an immensely powerful relic - the Rod of Reverie - bearing a lustrous chunk of actuated ordinite, a soulstone. The dazzling stone, said to bear the spirit of a renowned paragon, perches fiercely atop the glimmering gilded scepter. 

Dasha and her guild of intoxicating, whirling provocateurs remain ephemeral, leaving little trace of their roving concerts and lethal subterfuge.

Should you witness their signature step, leave a coin, lest you suddenly lose your coinpurse.

Theme: deep pink, fuchsia, lavender, swirling black, gold flake, indigo flash, rainbow holographic shards, gold-amber-magenta colorshifting glitter, peach-green shimmer
Ink: Classic Gold

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Care Instructions

Sharp edged dice can be dangerous - please handle with care.

Rolling onto a felted/soft surface is recommended to prevent scratching and chipping.

Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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