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Crystal Fane Ysuldr - Single D20

Crystal Fane Ysuldr - Single D20

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Site Name(s): Crystal Fane Ysuldr, the Crystal Fane, the Last Source
Locale: The Jeweled Burg
Current Occupant: Ysuldr Firi’emtu

It is said that the gods of Falas Ordina gifted their paragons and leaders the boon of Ordinite, a divine mineral, to taste the powers of creation. Many ages ago, the land’s crusts, not yet plundered and mined, were littered with vast deposits of the mana-soaked ore.

Each of the primordial deities, in unity with the fey pantheon, forged these crystalline masses of their essence, charging each stone with surging waves of elemental and natural aether. Godlike power could be drawn, harnessed, and wielded to unimaginable effect - and the fey leaders entrusted with such responsibility lived in honor of the gods’ wishes.

In the hundreds of years to follow, the immense number of mined and shaped Ordinite specimens - falling, by conquest largely, into the hands of men - would face a gradual loss of potency as their power came to be used less for creation and, sadly, more for destruction and bloodshed.

Noticing the waning strength of the stones, a thaumaturge of nigh-deific ability took to the source: a deep and winding primordial chasm set under the earthen mantle. There, he begged and succeeded in forging a pact-eternal with Q'leel't, lord of vessels, and the fey aspect of fate, Vala’tuok. He would give his body and mind as a medium divine, sealed indefinitely in his bastion of yet-quarried Ordinite, solely to preserve its fantastical power.

Brother to Lady Ysilda and, to this day, the keeper of the stone, Ysuldr Firi’emtu dwells alone in the resonant fane of the Jeweled Burg, troubled by man’s arrogance, trusting only the land’s purest souls with the gift of the gods.

Ink: bronze

Theme: clear, golden shimmer, rainbow glitter, holographic shards

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