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Relic of Wind - Twin Set

Relic of Wind - Twin Set

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Tabla of Squalls

Type:  Weapon, Musical Instrument, Hand Drum

Ability:  One Thousand Claps

Current Owner:  Resha'at ar-Ruz'zam, of the Horizon

The voice of We'te'tuok, fey deity of storms, can be divined both in the calm but resonant gales passing through the treescape and in the sheets of blasting wind coursing through the northern summits. When the ordinite soulstone that was later fashioned into the Tabla of Squalls was recovered, it was split by an expert soul-artificer into one parent crystal and several matching smaller gems. The arrangement of stones, by forces unknown, would be entrusted to the prowess of a sorcerous tempest known as Resha'at - leader to a guild of sky bandits. Soon enough, the keystone was forged into the casing of a mythical hand drum sealed by aether-soaked wyrmskin. The remaining soulstone crystals were made into a variety of smaller, less capable percussive trinkets. The Tabla, while inviting of a dancing, clapping air of festivity, can conjure the deadliest of razorwinds.

Theme: dark purple, white plume, grey swirl, teal shimmer, rainbow flake

Ink: silver

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