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Chanters' Gates

Chanters' Gates

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Site Name(s): The Chanters’ Gates, Gyr Guidestones
Locale: The Singing Corridor
Current Occupant: Cloudrun, We’te’tuim

Exactly halfway through the winding Singing Corridor, the ‘gates’ sit guarded by a small cabal of wind-worshipping druids - mostly elves and faerie shaman lords - called the We’te’tuim. Academics trace their presence to the valley for as long as any text could date back - though, much is yet to be understood about their magical practices or beliefs.

The gates appear as seven incredibly heavy stone circles, all toppled together in a pile spanning several dozen meters, and joined by a colossal network of chains. Their smoothly shaved bevels and silvery shackles draw the attention of travelers and gale-tracing ascetics passing between nearby forest systems.

Sages and naturalists spanning the western Helunian Woods tell myth of the rings’ purpose as tools for extraplanar access - a pathway to reach far beyond the clouds and mountains. However, the gates, posited to be one of the ancient Gyr’s sorcerous inventions, appear to now be inert.

Hovels huddled together make up a small village wrapping around the strange cairnstones in a crescent. Inquiring of the stones’ history from the locals may prove challenging, as they commune entirely in the song of gales, punctuated with the occasional bout of hearty laughter.

Theme: clear, gray-blue, violet, teal shimmer, holographic flake

Ink: pearly light blue

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