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Blightmoss Grotto - Twin Set

Blightmoss Grotto - Twin Set

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Site Name(s): Blightmoss Grotto
Locale: East Pontyd Bay
Current Occupant: Unknown

The only Church of Y’g’dal ever built in veneration of the highly mythified worldserpent is left asunder, scattered in ruins at the far end of a nasty, horrid cavern.

The grotto, accessible only by sea, festers behind a modest crack in the hardened cliffs below the dunes above. Dizzying speeds of mutative speciation wrought dozens of varieties of briny living coral, venomous chimeras, and noxious plant life.

Scholars say that the church, now an overgrown dungeon of algae-matted rubble and moaning phantoms, is where scions of Y’g’dal rested their sacrificial trophies in tribute of her.

Ages after the site’s ruin, a brave but unknowing expedition of the Aruteeli kingdom’s naval guard were committed to a quest-voyage into the dreaded hollow under the mana-sodden cliffs. Their end - all 100 men - would swiftly be commuted by the mind-spinning blights of the jade caverns.

Now, their bloody eyes, lips, and ears, devoured and horrifyingly adapted to the sprawling walls and coral beds, serve only the will of the chaos-god Y’g’dal.

Ink: aruteel gold

Theme: light green jade, white clouds, rainbow holographic flake, gold-red colorshift

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