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Beryltop Agora - Single D20

Beryltop Agora - Single D20

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Site Name(s): Beryltop Agora, Sunfire Agora
Locale: Beryltop-Oxgrip Village
Current Occupant: Beryltop-Oxgrip Lordship

The dwarven villages south of Bast predate the plateau-city itself. Swathes of hearty earthen lineages, agrarian families plucked of the land all settled into a robust network of broad-spanning hamlets.

Reinforced canvas dwellings make up the majority of the villages, housing dozens of clans of halfling, dwarf, and human custom. In an oblong shape, the building segments stretch around a central market hub that, each morning, fills with countless carts, tables, and tents providing the day's bounty. 

Inner more, there is a square, an amphitheater, laid with stunning bronze sigil work and decorative stone braziers. It gives way to several large stairs that lead downward to a center stage with a deep fire pit.

Each year, the village residents join the pilgrims of Ir-Las, having made their penultimate stop at the square, readied to celebrate in the height of the warm Sunfire Festival.

Theme: gold, teal, green-yellow-orange shimmer, azure flash, holographic flake

Ink: bronze

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Care Instructions

Sharp edged dice can be dangerous - please handle with care.

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Store out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

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