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Barthazzan, of the Atlas

Barthazzan, of the Atlas

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Ages back, before the advent of what historians term ‘the Oblivion,’ great cities and kingdoms were forged of the wondrous and providing earths across Falas Ordina. Valtenan elven royals nested firmly in the howling summits of the north. Dozens of dwarf and halfling villages sidled along and beneath the windy golden plains of the west. Countless worlds of interweaving cultures, folks, and families collected all between, and none would be prepared. The Oblivion - a period marking the height of devastation wrought by Din’s twisted plague of undeath - has been described in texts as the culmination of the arrogance of mankind. The light of the world had been so cruelly extinguished, a deathly void and age of darkness in its place. Several years before the wall of decay was unleashed, a humble tiefling was born to a beggar’s life. On a fateful night, the man, Barthazzan, would be brought before the archfey tribunal. For he possessed a soul steeped in unrivaled virtue, and would go on to join a group of paragons tasked with the impossible.

Tiefling • Paladin • Iron Stalwart • Wizard • Luminary

Ink: Bronze

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