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Altar of Abzat Dem

Altar of Abzat Dem

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Site Name(s): Altar of Abzat Dem, Grave of the Bloodlord
Locale: Weald Undercroft
Current Occupant: Azoth Dem

Abzat Sektoor, a paragon in Ordinan history and raised in the weald outskirts, was known to fey and fiend alike as the Bloodlord.

An elite hunter, Abzat spent his youth honing his technique of approach and surprise - nearly any target's neck would find his stalking daggers and be bled to the ground before noticing a sound.

Sektoor strayed from his familiar stage of orc tradition and battle-rites, forging his own unique path. After taking the hands of a rival myrmidon in a heated duel, he would exile himself to the rolling wooded hills nearing the Singing Corridor, subsisting entirely off of the hunt for years.

Abzat's legacy stirs in the bloody roots of the sanguine oak, a rare specimen found in the lower tangle of the forest undercroft. The beating flesh of the redwood, wrapped around his gravesite, reads of the orc's mark.

He summoned Ea'Sangur - the Red Song - and woke the blood god from stasis, becoming the first Bloodlord (Dem).

Since that moment, Demu'tuok hears the thirst of the wild, and confers to his devout a charge to rekindle the earth's hunger with an ocean's blood spilled.

Theme: crimson, black, fuchsia shimmer, gold flake, holographic flake

Ink: 18k gold

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