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Bowl of Ru'un - Twin Set

Bowl of Ru'un - Twin Set

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Contains UV-reactive pigment - they will glow in the dark! 


Site Name(s): Bowl of Ru’un, House of Ru’un
Locale: Blackfire Naos
Current Occupant: Ru’un, Keepers of the Accursed Flame

Runir Toggrath, head seat and master vizier of the Black Council, oversees the Ashen Basilica, where all twelve coaldusted clerics deliberate and feast.

Once a land dwelling people, the Morothili dwarves, under the council’s reign, now reside deep beyond a mountain mine network in central Falas Ordina.

On occasion of mystical, ritual purpose, Runir’s delegation of priests will follow him, chanting, deeper below Moroth Tul, the blackiron capitol. Under the bastion’s magma chutes and stronghold vault, they march to a location unknown to the public.

Rumor persists, however. Rumor that the council, no longer enriched with the pride of tradition or brotherhood, operates and conducts itself with the influence of demonic entities.

More pointed, yet, is the knowledge held by geomancer sages from the western Oxgrip stonehalls, equipped with an ancient and ongoing collection of scrolls chronicling the earth’s many layers and ages. They signal the existence of a significant temple exactly below the vaults of Moroth Tul.

The temple, built long ago to seal away the last living embers of the rampaging god of hellfire, seems to now buzz with charring aether, host to a labyrinth of deadly traps, demons, and sweltering heat.

The very lowest room, a massive hall, carved of blackrock and strewn with lava pools, hosts a sigil-etched platform and altar at its center.

There, it is speculated the pestilent Black Council makes routine tribute to Ru’un’s agonizing hatred, in preparation for an event of true evil.

Ink: gunmetal

Theme: bright opaque yellow, black, green-orange shimmer, holographic flake

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